Cultures of Remembrance

Cultures of Remembrance

The exhibition “Cultures of Remembrance” consists of exhibits, performances and workshops that deal with the different narratives and questions regarding remembering the Second World War and National Socialism. The works include the perspectives and narratives of Sinti*zze and Rom*nja, Jewish, BIPOC, Disabled and Queer people.

The exhibition aims to show not only different perspectives, methodologies and approaches towards remembrance work but also open an open space for dialogue.

The formats of the exhibits are diverse: soundscapes, art works, interactive maps, games, brochures, comics, audiowalks, etc. along with physical and artistic exhibits. The artists are working with different narratives connected to Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Israel, Georgia, Bulgaria and Germany. Together they ask: How is transnational remembrance possible? The languages of the exhibits vary between English, Russian, Romani and German, for every exhibit there is English translation.

The exhibition aims to create visibility to perspectives that are underrepresented within remembrance work and education, but also tries to open up for continuities and understanding of history repeating in totalitarian regimes and tries to encounter parallels to recent fights.

The exhibition will be accompanied by Workshops, Performances and Guided Tours. For all events and opening hours visit the website Cultures of Remembrance.


Idea and Organisation: Educat Kollektiv



01.12.2023 |17h

Opening Event:

5pm opening and printing Workshop – Kunstwerkstatt

7pm introduction of exhibition and artists

9pm performance Memory and War – Jeanna Kolesova

entrance free, donations for food and drinks welcome


Wednesday – Saturday
4pm – 8pm


remembrance (at)


Köpenicker Str. 172
10997 Berlin

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