Antisemitism and Capitalism

In the tradition of critical theory, antisemitism is not understood as a detached element of civil society, but as an inseparable part of it. While antisemitism stabilizes capitalist socialization with (false) explanations of the world and murderous practices, it also threatens it at the same time.

Antisemitism and capitalism cannot be explained and understood without each other. The criticism of antisemitism is therefore always the criticism of society and vice versa. It is therefore hardly surprising that it can now be found in all parts of society and all political spectrums and, given the current crises, seems to be constantly growing. With a new high point last year – the largest antisemitic pogrom since the Shoah.

From this perspective, radical antisemitism, particularly in its National Socialist, but today also in Islamist varieties of “redemption antisemitism”, is understood as an attempt at a negative abolition of capital. Colin Kaggl’s lecture will shed light on this perspective and introduce the basic concepts of a materialist criticism of antisemitism – such as the authoritarian personality, conformist rebellion, ticket thinking, shortened criticism of capitalism, and others – and provide space for joint discussion. The aim is to provide tools and critical instruments for current discourses on the subject.

Colin Kaggl, M.A M.A studied sociology and political science in Vienna and Berlin. In addition to the theory and criticism of antisemitism, his work focuses on the psychoanalytic foundations of critical theory, the history of psychoanalysis, and the history and ideology of National Socialism. He is currently working in a civil society organization on a project about antisemitism and police.

Starts at 7 pm. Admission is free.


23.05..2024 |7pm


A lecture by the sociologist and political scientist Colin Kaggl illuminates the connection between anti-Semitism and capitalism and introduces basic concepts of the materialist criticism of antisemitism.


Thursday: 7pm


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